Our History:

AFRIDAC is a not-for-profit organisation that work towards restoring the dignity and integrity of Africans in the Diaspora and in Africa. We believe that Africans in diaspora are the change catalyst in resolving Africa’s development challenge and we work towards building information and exchange bridges across the continent.

AFRIDAC have over the last few years advocated on migrant health workforce issues as active members of the Global Health Workforce Alliance (GHWA) of the WHO, Health Workforce Advocacy Initiative (HWAI), O’Neill Institute of Georgetown University, DC, Action for Global Health (UK) among other networks. Also, a key aspect of her advocacy work relates to analysis of immigration policies that affects immigrants of African origin both documented and undocumented in the UK and network with the At Home in Europe Project of the Open Society Foundation (OSF), Migrants Rights Network (MRN) and UK Race and Europe Network (UKREN).

AFRIDAC was established in January 2009, but was formally registered in the United Kingdom in February 2011 as a limited by guarantee.

Our Vision:

To show the positive values and contribution of Africans living in diaspora through research and inclusion

Our Mission:

To harness the limitless potential of the human mind through engagement and empowerment


  • To research and produce public policy papers relating to the achievements and contributions of Africans in diaspora globally.
  • To provide an authoritative platform for dialogue and advocacy through rights based public education.
  • To constructively engage public policy formulation in Africa from inception to implementation through inclusive public opinion polling.
  • To encourage sustainable development in Africa through training and local participation in strategic development projects.
  • To showcase Africa’s success stories through documentary filming and documentation.